‘Unused Jewellery Can Transform Your Business’…

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jewelry-to-be-soldThe Managing Director, Gold Exchange, Mr. Victor Okezie, has urged Nigerians not to hoard their jewellery in this time of economic downturn as they can be used to raise cash.

Okezie, according to a statement from the firm, spoke at the opening of a pawnbrokers’ shop in Lagos, adding that metals such as gold, silver and platinum could be turned into cash either through pawn or outright sale in his company.

He disclosed that the economic situation in the country and the difficulties usually encountered by Nigerians while trying to raise loans for short-term purposes spurred him and his co-investors to float the firm.

He said, “We saw a need for pawn broking in this economic downturn. It is done everywhere in the world, especially in the civilised world, to help when someone needs quick cash to solve a pressing need.  The individual brings valuables, which may not be taken as collateral in other financial institutions, to raise the cash.

“Every day, thousands of Nigerians are in need of short-term loans that are not available from banks or traditional money lenders.With the economy still lagging, consumers are looking to pawn-shops to borrow only what they need. The core of a pawnbroker’s business is offering loans that are secured by something of value.”

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