Miss Universe Fans Shocked to Hear Miss Kenya’s Answer on Donald Trump Presidency…

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Miss Universe-KenyaThe infamous Q&A round of the Miss Universe beauty pageant had several witty and strong-headed answers, including one from this year’s winner Miss France Iris Mittenaere. Unfortunately, Miss Kenya could not impress her fans as she left them confused with her answer about Donald Trump’s presidency.

Host Steve Harvey surprised Miss Kenya Mary Esther Were by asking her what she thought of the US president.

He asked, “Arguably no US president has had a more active 10 days in office. What are you most excited about and what concerns you when it comes to the Presidency of Donald Trump?”

Clearly, Miss Kenya wasn’t expecting a question on US politics as she fumbled for a moment before ranting about the president.

“Politics … ahh OK let me just start again,” she began, “Donald Trump, having been elected as the President of the United States, may not have been the choice of many people living in the United States because of the divided support system for the outgoing President Barack Obama, who has supporting an upcoming woman President.”

The 27-year-old beauty pageant contestant concluded saying, “So, so many people oppose his position. But I feel that once [Trump] took up his position, he was able to unify the entire nation.”

While her bizarre rant about Trump left Miss Universe fans dumbfounded, many expressed their shock, anger and confusion on Twitter. “Miss Kenya answer just left me confused as hell. #MissUniverse,” said one user.

“Wtf Miss Kenya cares about Donald J. Trump?” asked someone. “Miss.Kenya Donald Trump did not unite our nation he has divided our nation,” added another.

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