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Use Of Electronics; Children Risk Eyesight

Excessive use of electronic products such as mobile phones has led to children’s weakening eyesight.

 Out of the 1,989 Parent surveyed,  72.6 percent of Chinese parents said their children suffer from nearsightedness and 68.6 percent said their existing eye problems have aggravated during the summer vacation.

 Obsession with mobile phones has been seen as the greatest threat to children’s eyes, followed by the overuse of computers and video games.

In addition to excessive exposure to electronic screens, unhealthy sleep habits, insufficient physical exercise and overloaded schoolwork over the summer vacation have resulted in weakening eyesight among Chinese children.

 In spite of labeling electronics as a major threat to children’s vision, 85.6 percent of the surveyed parents admitted that they have no effective way to limit their children’s screen time.

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