About OSBC


Osun State Broadcasting Corporation is established for the delight of the populace by creating, developing and transmitting unparalleled quality informative, educative and entertaining value-added programmes profitably, with the following objectives:

  1. To inform, educate and entertain the public
  2. To produce and broadcast entertainment, education and public enlightenment programmes.
  3. To disseminate information and analyze issues and events of local, national and international importance.
  4. To generate revenue through the sale of air-time and to promote other commercial activities like product and social activities;
  5. To install and maintain equipment for gathering, processing and transmission of information on Radio and Television, and
  6. To facilitate the achievement of these objectives through relevant support services.


Voice of the West



At the apex of the Corporation is a governing board (appointed by the State Governor). The board (board of directors), headed by a Chairman, is saddled with the responsibilities of ensuring policy implementation, proper accountability and adherent to the famous trilogy of broadcasting existing to facilitate information, education and entertainment.

There had been changes and restructuring in the number of  departments and heads in the history of OSBC. From the onset, the Corporation started with five departments and the General Manager’s office.