[Covid-19] Enough of this NIN registration, people are dying, end it now, Ojuyah sends letter to FG

Nigerian Businessman and philanthropist, Anirejuoritse Ojuyah, Tuesday sent an open letter to the federal government over the ongoing NIN registration, advising it to end the process.

Ojuyah, who tested positive for Covid-19 a few weeks ago and has spent time recuperating at an isolation centre in Lagos, believed the government is doing a terrible job by mandating a nationwide NIN registration amid a ravaging pandemic.

Read his open letter below:

I spent about three weeks at a Covid-19 isolation centre in Lagos during which time I was gasping for breath and required the use of a ventilator, and it is only by the grace of God that I am alive today. At my centre, many people (rich and famous included) died. Seeing what is going on with the current NIN registration, I cannot help but wonder, where is our soul as a nation? Where is our humanity? Has humanity sold its soul to the devil? Why don’t we love one another? Where is the love and common sense in all of this?

At a time when people are dying of Covid-19 all over the world, is this a good time for any right-thinking government to embark on NIN registration, where people gather in their thousands with no safety measures? With no capacity to deal with the fall out if people start infecting each other with the virus? If everyone ends up sick or even dead, then who will you govern?

Why didn’t the government embark on this one year ago, or five years ago? Why embark on this now? This registration can wait for another year, but the human lives that would be needlessly lost in the process can not. If this process is suspended for just one more year, the country will not collapse. Hence, it is only the right thing to do to suspend this registration immediately. Again, the registration can wait.

The focus of any sane government at a time like this should be how your people will be safe, alive, and secure. A pandemic as real as Covid-19 is not what any government should underestimate or treat with nonchalance.  We have a learned vice president, and I expect him to speak up and do the right thing. Religious leaders, lawmakers and every well-meaning Nigerian should not be silent on this issue as well. Enough is enough!

Finally, everyone should please use face masks, use your sanitizer and apply social distancing. Your life matters!

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