COVID 19: Pharmacists caution carrier on indiscriminate intake of Chloroquine

The Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria ACPN, has called on infected Nigerians to desist from indiscriminate consumption of chloroquine as a measure to cure dreaded Corona virus as suggested by US president, Donald Trump .

n statement, ACPN, national chairman, Dr. Samuel Adekola stated: ” ….We find it necessary to caution Nigerians against the indiscriminate and excessive consumption of chloroquine and similar medicines in the quest to obviously prevent COVID -19.

“Bodies like FDA and NAFDAC have only approved the use of chloroquine in the clinical trials of the management/treatment of CONVID-19.

Pharmacists have observed an unprecedented demand for chloroquine since the declaration of a prominent world leader who is certainly not an expert in this competence driven endeavour”.

ACPN further urged consumers who will procure chloroquine to seek the counsel of registered pharmacists for appropriate doses can be dispensed with necessary precautionary measures including possible side effects, adverse reactions and other dosage regimen details which will be communicated professionally.

“The corona virus obstructs the respiratory pathway by producing mucous that blocks the airways and lungs. Treatment therefore must focus on unblocking the airways and lungs.

Since the above occurs within a few days so there are some recommended measures to slow down the progression and activation to a full-blown disease manifestation. some of these simple measures include: Drinking a lot of liquid preferably warm water, hot soups in a variety of the local presentations is desirable.

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