Fewer fatalities, more recoveries recorded last week

For the umpteenth time, the Federal Government has advised Nigerians not to pay for Covid-19 test anywhere in the country, stressing that the test is free nationwide. The National Coordinator, Presidential Task Force on Covid-19, Dr. Sani Aliyu, reiterated that testing remains free for citizens across the country because Federal Government provides free test kits across the laboratories and that state governments pay private laboratories for every test they do.

He, however, clarified that private laboratories can charge for their services if clients want to undergo Covid-19 test for the purposes of international travels. The cost of Covid-19 PCR test varies across private laboratories, ranging between N42,750 and N50,400 – depending on where the test is done.

According to him, the best way the country can rid itself of the harmful virus is by sustaining testing activities through provision of free access to testing. He stressed that charging for a test even by private laboratories is not allowed.

Whether what is happening in the large network of laboratory facilities across the country is contrary to the directive of government or not, Covid-19 testing is taking place every day in the country. For example, on Saturday, September 26, a total of 7,968 samples across the country were tested in Nigeria, according to NCDC. Last week (from Sunday September 20 to Saturday September 26), recoveries stood at 1,288, while 1,053 new cases and 12 deaths were recorded in the country – the fewest weekly fatalities in recent times. To date, 58,198 cases have been confirmed in Nigeria; 49,722 patients have recovered and discharged and 1,106 deaths recorded in 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Since the virus crept into Nigeria on February 27, a total of 502,545 tests have been carried out in the country (as of Saturday September 26).

On Saturday, September 26, new cases were higher than the number of those that recovered. A total of 136 new cases were reported in 16 states: Lagos (41), Ogun (27), Rivers (19), Abia (10), Oyo (6), Plateau (6), Bauchi (5), Ondo (5), Ekiti (4), Kaduna (4), Edo (3), Ebonyi (2), Bayelsa (1), Delta (1), Osun (1), and Yobe (1). Recoveries stood at 116 and three lives were lost.

It was a reverse case scenario that played out on Friday September 25, as recoveries more than doubled new infections that were confirmed; besides the fact that the day witnessed the biggest daily recoveries of the week. On that day, 508 discharges were reported in 10 states: Katsina (364), Oyo (57), Kwara (30), FCT (23), Plateau (17), Rivers (7), Kaduna (4), Ogun (3), Delta (2) and Osun (1); 213 confirmed cases were reported in 17 states. New cases took place in Lagos (51), Plateau (51), FCT (29), Rivers (18), Ondo (12), Oyo (9), Osun (8), Gombe (7), Ogun (7), Kaduna (5), Enugu (4), Edo (3), Jigawa (3), Kano (3), Benue (1), Delta (1), and Sokoto (1). Two deaths were reported in one state – Kaduna.

New infections outnumbered recoveries on Thursday September 24. One hundred and twenty-five confirmed cases were reported in 13 states: Lagos (37), Plateau (18), FCT (17), Ogun (15), Rivers (10), Benue (7), Kaduna (7), Anambra (5), Oyo (3), Cross River (2), Ondo (2), Edo (1) and Imo (1); while one hundred and thirteen (113) discharges took place in nine states. Discharges were reported in Plateau (46), Anambra (29), Rivers (17), Kaduna (9), Kano (5), FCT (3), Sokoto (2), Bayelsa (1) and Ekiti (1); while the day ended without anyone dying as a result of Covid-19 in Nigeria.

Recoveries were slightly higher than new cases on Wednesday, September 23. One hundred and eleven confirmed cases were reported in 12 states: Lagos (31), Gombe (18), Kaduna (18), FCT (15), Rivers (14), Imo (3), Kwara (3), Oyo (3), Bayelsa (2), Ogun (2), Edo (1) and Osun (1); while 149 discharges were announced in seven states. States where discharges were reported included: Edo (56), Gombe (32), Ondo (30), Rivers (15), Kaduna (7), FCT (5) and Akwa Ibom (4). Sadly, two deaths were reported in two states: Bayelsa (1) and FCT (1).

On Tuesday, September 22, new cases were also higher than recoveries. One hundred and seventy-six confirmed cases were reported in 14 states: Lagos (73), Plateau (50), FCT (17), Rivers (8), Ondo (6), Niger (5), Ogun (5), Edo (3), Kaduna (3), Oyo (2), Bauchi (1), Bayelsa (1), Delta (1), and Nasarawa (1). One hundred and sixty-two discharges took place in nine states: Oyo (57), Plateau (44), Kaduna (21), Delta (12), Rivers (11), Bauchi (6), FCT (6), Edo (3) and Ogun (2). The day witnessed no death from Covid-19.

In the same way, new infections were higher than recoveries on Monday, September 21. One hundred and ninety-five confirmed cases were reported in 11states: (Enugu (51), Gombe (40), Lagos (39), Plateau (23), FCT (15), Rivers (12), Kaduna (8), Ondo (3),Bauchi (2),Edo (1) and Ogun(1). On that day, one hundred and five discharges were also reported in seven states: Plateau (54), Gombe (30), Kaduna (10), Osun (7), Rivers (2), Kano (1) and Lagos (1). Two deaths were reported in one state: Edo.

But on Sunday, September 20, recoveries were higher than new cases confirmed. Ninety-seven confirmed cases were reported in 12 states: Lagos (46), Kwara (12), Rivers (11), Adamawa (4), Niger (4), Ogun (4), Osun (4), Ekiti (3), Imo (3), Kaduna (3), Plateau (2) and FCT (1). One hundred and thirty-eight discharges were reported in eight states. Recoveries took place in Plateau (75), Kwara (23), Benue (12), Ekiti (10), Kaduna (7), FCT (5), Rivers (4) and Adamawa (2). Three deaths were reported in three states – Adamawa (1), Benue (1) and Kaduna (1).

According to NCDC, the latest infection numbers re-affirm Lagos as the country’s epicentre of Covid-19 with a total confirmed cases of 19,215, followed by Abuja (5,644), Plateau (3,379), Oyo (3,254), Edo (2,623), Kaduna (2,393), Rivers (2,324), Delta (1,802) and others.

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