Five Protesters Killed in Anti-UN Protests In DR Congo

At least five people have been killed and fifty others wounded on the second day of anti-United Nations protests in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo city of Goma, according to the government.

“We will come back during the day with [a special briefing] on to be drawn. We will also take stock of the process of withdrawing the @MONUSCO that has already begun,” government spokesman Patrick Muyaya tweeted on Tuesday, giving the death toll.

He added that there would be a special briefing later on “the human and material toll as well as the consequences.”

The UN peacekeeping mission in the DRC, known as MONUSCO, has come under regular local criticism for its perceived inability to stop fighting in the conflict-torn east.

More than 120 armed groups roam the volatile region, where civilian massacres are common and conflict has displaced millions of people.

A Reuters reporter at the scene said UN peacekeepers fired tear gas and live bullets at a largely peaceful crowd on Tuesday, killing two and wounding at least two others. Army and police officers deployed to the scene did not open fire. A soldier and a policeman in a bulletproof vest were also hit by bullets, he added.

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