In the Newsroom

IN THE NEWSROOM is a new news and current affairs programme that just hit the airwaves on OSBC TELEVISION. It’s all about journalists and their hardly expressed views and opinions most especially to the members of the public in the of day to day assignments. 

Journalists are a unique specie of homo sapiens who are expected to know something about everything under the sun.
Before setting out for their daily duties, lots of robust discussions take place where issues are critically, robustly and dispassionately dissected under highly intellectual atmosphere in the newsroom.
Such discussions often take place informally throughout the day as events unfold.

In such situations, there’s what is an equivalent of PARLIAMENTARY IMMUNITY to freely express your views no matter whose ox is gored provided it’s factual, truthful and not designed to malign anybody. Under such circumstances, nobody will hold anything against you for so doing. However, after that, such views or opinions are relegated to the background in the final report less such journalists be accused of editorialising news reports which is a grievous professional misconduct ,most especially in the electronic media.

Be that as it may, Journalists are important segments of the society anywhere in the world whose unexpressed views in their news reports can be of great value to their immediate environment and beyond.

It’s with a view to giving this rare breeds of human beings the opportunity to voice their frank views on issues of national and international relevance that OSBC TV put IN THE NEWSROOM together and makes it an all journalists affair.

The programme is a replica of the robust, incisive, razor like newsroom discussions of issues under newsroom immunity.
Here, journalists, veteran, retired but not tired and serving ones, will use the opportunity to contribute their professional quota to national discuss on daily basis in a unique manner in order to make the society better.

However, we’re sending you this clarion call to you so that you can be part of the rare opportunity of affecting the society positively through the expression of your views while the programme is on and even after. Your involvement will be highly valued not just by OSBC TV but the society at large.

IN THE NEWSROOM is aired everyday, Mondays to Fridays, between 3.30 and 4.30pm.

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Always join us.

Thanks and God bless you real good.