NCOS Reveals Number Of Inmates On Death Roll

No fewer than 3,167 are on the death roll across the various custodial centers in the country.

The National Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Correctional Service, Umar Abubakar disclosed this in Abuja at a briefing on the activities of the service in 2022.

Of the figure, 3,105 are male while 62 are female.

Also, a total of 19,140 males at the various custodial center have been convicted and 339 females have been convicted female.

He said, “As of Monday, we have a total of 74824 inmates across our custodial centers out of which 50955 male are awaiting trial and 1223 females are awaiting trial. 19140 males have been convicted and 339 females have been convicted.Related News

“On inmates on death roll, 62 are female while 3,105 are male.”

Speaking, the Controller General of the Nigeria Correctional Service, Haliru Nababa, said due to the prevalent attacks on the custodial centers, personnel of the service have trained to confront external attacks.

Represented by the Principal Staff Officer to the Controller General of Corrections, Mamman Salisu, Nababa said more weapons had been acquired and personnel been placed on red alert to avert any attack on the custodial centers.

He said, “Before now our men were trained to prevent attack from within but our men have now been trained in the area of pressing external attacks on our facilities. Arms and ammunition have been procured and distributed and the Presidential directives that anyone who attempts to attack our custodial center should not leave to tell the story. Our men have been put on red alert to gun down anyone who plans to intrude on our custodial Centers.

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