Israeli soldiers have violently beaten a blind and paralyzed Palestinian man in front of his wife and children with no apparent reason in the west bank town of Dawha, near Bethlehem.

According to a report Mr. Munzer Mizhar, a 47-year-old retired medical technician was beaten with what he felt were brass knuckles by Israeli forces who had stormed his house, early in the morning.

The Israeli forces allegedly broke the door and stormed the house after failing to apprehend a targeted individual living a floor above the mizhar family.

The family explains the beating lasted about five minutes, despite desperate attempts to notify the soldiers of mizhar’s dire health situation.

However, the soldiers refused to give any explanation for the ordeal and eventually left the house after forcing the family’s four sons to get on their knees with faces pressed to the floor.

In the meantime, the victim, who suffered severe bleeding in the face along with wounds in both shoulders and hands, was taken to hospital for treatment. Mizhar currently has pains in his jaw and has difficulty eating food, further complicating his health condition.

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