Minimum wage: industrial unrest threatens in universities

NON-teaching staff at universities threatened to no longer guarantee industrial harmony in the institutions if the federal government continued to delay payment of the new minimum wage. In a statement to Abuja on Monday, the Association of Senior Executives of Nigerian Universities, SSANU, expressed dismay that after the federal government and unions concluded negotiations on the new minimum wage and the resulting adjustment, university workers had not yet been paid. new salary.

SSANU in the statement signed by its national public relations officer, comrade NPRO Salaam Abdussobur, said it was unfortunate that while workers in other sectors began to benefit from the new salary, workers in the university appeared to have been forgotten. The statement reads as follows: “The Association of Senior Staff of Nigerian Universities expresses its dismay at the delay in implementing the new national minimum wage for its members and workers in the university system. “
We note that the negotiations on the national minimum wage have been quite long and span a period of two years. After negotiations, it was assumed that the implementation would go smoothly and would no longer require agitation to ensure that it was updated in all areas of employees. “Unfortunately, however, months after the deals were signed and dusted, it seems that workers in the university system have been left out of the picture.

While workers in other sectors began to benefit from the increase in wages, the university system did not. “Unfortunately, the prices of goods and services immediately increased as soon as the minimum wage was applied in these sectors, and the university sector still operating with the old minimum wage, causing financial hardship and hardship for our members.

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” The association said that members were patiently waiting to receive the new salary, the government did not explain why the payment was delayed. As a result, our members are becoming increasingly reluctant and agitated at the obvious neglect of the university sector in the implementation of the national minimum wage law. “It is sad and regrettable that no reason has been put forward to justify the delay,” he said.

The press release also states: “We hereby draw the attention of the federal government and all the stakeholders concerned to this delay and request the implementation of the new wage system and the payment of its arrears without further delay. “We have been patient enough and have shown great understanding with the government on many of its policies. This understanding and patience should not, however, be at the expense or to the detriment of our well-being and our income. “With the current situation, it is becoming increasingly clear to us that unless a demand for action is taken, the new national minimum wage can never be applied in the university system. “We hereby issue a warning note to guarantee immediate payment of the minimum wage in order to guarantee industrial peace in the university system.”

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