Re: Worry over OSBC’s dwindling Fortunes

The attention of OSBC Management has been drawn to certain online publications alleging the insensitivity of the Governor Gboyega Oyetola led administration to the plight of the station .Osun State Broadcasting Corporation is the Official Megaphone of the Government of the State of Osun and is saddled with communicating Governments policies to the grassroots.

The Corporation is as old as the State of Osun and has run through thick and thin with successive administrations. Being a Corporation that relies on technical and electronic devices and equipments, it has had its share of technical challenges and equipment failures. However, our team of engineers has always risen to the challenges at all times.Recently, the Channel 32 UHF Transmitters which have served the Corporation since Chief Adebisi Akande’s regime suffered a major breakdown which has tasked the ingenuity of our Engineers in resolving the challenge. The ordeal has been largely compounded by the age of the equipment which has rendered most parts unserviceable. The effort to engineer and fabricate substitute parts is on-going.

The Government of the State of Osun led by Mr Gboyega Oyetola has been briefed and fully committed to resolve the technical challenge as best as possible. It is gratifying however, that OSBC TV , with the assistance of the Government resourced an alternative route while the repair lasts. The Corporation has its presence on Startimes Channel 113 and FreeTv Channel 502. Both Channels are free Channels which do not need a paid subscription to watch. The only requirement is to purchase a Startimes Decoder and Free Tv Decoder and install. In another clime, OSBC Radio is up and running! And we are ensuring a balanced programming for the diverse audience we serve as a Public Broadcaster holding the License in trust for all strata of the society. Both Channels are administered professionally and in line with the dictates of the NBC Codes. It’s worthy of note that the Corporation has a smooth working relationship with the regulatory body, avoiding sanctions or lockdowns, thus avoiding embarrassing the Government and the informed Citizens of the State.

We ensure professional conduct for all On Air Personalities, both In-House and FIBAN Presenters. None of these have been stampeded off air as suggested in the questionable reports and we insist the right things be done. While many of the Freelance Presenters have serviced their financial obligations, some are recalcitrant though! They owe the Corporation for Air Time usage and are dodging payments. Such have been taken off air in the Interest of fairness and fruitfulness for the Corporation. At the Head of the Administration is Adejumoke Akinjiola, the Director-General. Since her assumption of duty as DG, she has taken guided decisions to the financial health of the Corporation and a staunch advocate for profitability in the system. To convert her reformative decisions to ‘stumbling blocks’ is a subtle reaction of those who have benefitted from short changing the Corporation in times past , a jamboree they no longer enjoy!In conclusion, the Management wish to assure the general public of our commitment to provide quality services as we ply our trade in the broadcast village locally, nationally and globally. We are committed to making things better with the assurances of our proprietor, and to give a Voice to the People of the West! We will do this in partnership with all stakeholders including Startimes & Free TV our cable careers.We remain loyal to the Government and non-partisan in our duties to the citizens of the State of Osun.


Jolaade Igbaroola (Mrs)

Dir. Corporate Affairs

For the DG, OSBC.

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