Tech start-up set to launch virtual meeting solution

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A Nigerian tech start-up firm, Newwaves Ecosystems Limited, is pitching for a major stake in the multi-billion-dollar global online meeting market with the launch of its virtual conferencing platform, Konn3ct.

The company said in a statement issued on Tuesday that Konn3ct was entering the market with more than 40 differentiating propositions carefully infused into the platform for enhanced user experience.

According to the firm, an analysis of Konn3ct reveals that it is the only product in the market with capacity to enable a break-out session during a large conference.

As explained by the Chief Executive Officer, Newwaves Ecosystems, Femi Williams, this feature enabled conveners of large virtual conferences to create up to eight rooms within the same meeting room for participants to break out into smaller groups for private sessions.

Williams also explained that the platform had video-sharing features which allowed participants, especially those leading presentations, to stream YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch and other forms of audiovisual material during sessions.

The feature, the CEO highlighted, also had voice-over capability that allowed audible conversation even as the video played.

“In envisioning this platform, we also took into consideration the importance of smooth viewing experience and created a solution with high-definition default audio quality while the video allows for picture quality bands ranging from low to high definition,” he said.

Konn3ct, he revealed, also gave administrators the opportunity to record both the main meeting and break-out sessions.

This, he said, ensured that attendees had the benefits of second playbacks for more accurate documentation of meeting details or summaries.

Williams said, “We also thought of the need by certain institutions and organisations to secure their conversations from the public Internet and embedded in Konn3ct with a security protocol known as the Secure Socket Layer Encryption.

“This is a protocol that protects data during transfer and transmission by creating a channel, uniquely encrypted, so that the client and the server have a private communication link channel over the public Internet.”

The platform facilitates the preloading of multiple presentation documents in the virtual meeting room for download by participants to, according to Williams, save bandwidth and make for seamless admin management of meeting paraphernalia.

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