Valentine 2020: It’s our turn to spoil men, women say

February 14 is Valentine’s Day. It’s a season to show love by giving gifts to people. For women, it is a time to receive lots of gifts. This week, WW sampled the opinions of ladies on the need to give their men gifts during Valentine season. Can they afford to spend a fortune on their husbands on Valentine’s Day? “It doesn’t matter who gives the gift” — Chacha K, Star Quest Winner 2011

Valentine is supposed to be an everyday affair. I should be able to show love to my husband every day. I shouldn’t wait till it is Valentines’ Day to prove my love or buy something special for my husband.

 I think the problem we have in this world today is that we forget the essence of a good relationship and we chase after what is not important. Who buys the gift or who doesn’t, does not really matter?

So if for some reason my husband doesn’t remember to give me a gift on Valentine’s Day and l remember to get him a gift, it doesn’t really show that he loves me any less. It is a personal race and all of us would stand someday to give account to God of what HE has blessed us with and we all know that marriage is a blessing from above.

But to face the question; l think l would get my husband a beautiful gift on Valentines’ day. Yes, it’s a season when school fees for the children must be paid; the Yuletide season just rounded up and there is a scarcity of resources everywhere but that would stop that little nothing that speaks volumes of how you feel about your spouse and all they stand for.

 “I will give him my time” — Chidinma Aneke, Actress

The best gift l would give to my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day is my time as l am a very busy person and the reason being that the day is a special day for lovers and he is the love of my life; so the best gift l can give him is my time. So l have mapped out that day, canceled all engagements and focus on him- just me and him; so we can have a special time together. I think that is the best gift l can give him on Valentines’ Day.

 “We will be visiting outsiders”— Barr Chinwe, Legal Practitioner

I am going out with my hubby for Valentines’ Day; it is a special day to show love to family, friends and well-wishers.

 But on this special day, my hubby and I perhaps with some other friends would be visiting people outside our immediate family to show them, love.

Naturally, I demonstrate love to my family on a daily basis because that is the Christian thing to do and we all know that love makes the world go round.

“I am taking him out”— Chidiebere Aneke, Actress

 I would give my boyfriend a gift of experience by taking him out perhaps to a unique location like a workshop or a painting party. An experience where both of us can share together because he is special and deserves the best treatment on Valentines’ Day. “Love makes the world go round”—Erumena Amata, Writer

Love is like a flower that needs to be watered. So if it is not watered it will die away. For me, we shouldn’t wait till its Valentines’ Day to show our affection. Love ought to be demonstrated on a regular basis for it to be alive.

 And on Valentine’s Day, we should endeavor to do something different from the norm; like taking our loved ones out on a candlelight dinner date for two, to see a movie or a boat cruise different from our daily live show.

We should always have it in mind that love makes the world go round. And showing love to our wives or spouses brings the best in them.

“I will get him a nice gift”— Jessica Osuh, NGO Owner

 For the Valentine Season, there should be an exchange of gifts to our loved ones; not only married couples. There should be an exchange of gifts to those who have contributed immensely to one’s life. As for my own husband; I will get a nice gift for him, something he will not forget in the nearest future.

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