Woman Locked As Sex Slave Regains Freedom

A naked woman was found locked in a dog cage and authorities said she had been beaten and forced to live in terrible conditions.

Officers with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office were called to a home for a report of false imprisonment on Nov. 29, WJBF reported.

A former resident of the home called the police after going there to pick up property he had left behind and discovered the woman held captive, police told WRDW.

“Upon entering the room he observed an unknown light brown-skinned female that was naked, beaten severely, and currently locked in a dog cage,” deputies wrote in an incident report obtained by WRDW.

Deputies said the property owner, Shawna Powell, told the former resident that the woman stole from her, so she is keeping her as a sex slave.

“That is my whore. She stole a bunch of stuff from me so she is going to be my sex slave and I am going to pimp her out until she pays it off,” Powell said.

The person who called the police said they overheard someone inside the home saying multiple people were en route to the house.

The unnamed witness said multiple people inside the home were armed. He added that he even had a gun pointed at him because some residents of the house didn’t know who he was.

When deputies found the victim, they described her as “injured and emotionally distraught,” WRDW reported.

Deputies said when they removed the victim from the room where she was held, they saw she had a severely swollen and bruised eye.

She was treated at the scene and then taken to an undisclosed location for her safety.

Powell was arrested along with Anjelika Figueroa, DeMichael Dawson, Savannah Piazzi and Dawson Weston.

All five were charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and aggravated assault.

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