Bishop backs state police.


The  Most Reverend Julius Oludotun Ogunseye, The Archbishop of Lagos Province and Diocesan Bishop of Lagos Mainland of the African Church, has expressed his support for creation of state police as way out to the nation’s security challenges.

Julius Oludotun Ogunseye, The clergyman also urged Nigerians to cuddle peace, noting but only a peaceful atmosphere can aid the quick development of the country.

Bishop Ogunseye made the annotations in a sermon he delivered on Easter Sunday at the African Church Salem Cathedral, Ebute Metta, Lagos.

 ‘’As a nation let us always embrace peace. I heard in the news yesterday that about 11 people were killed leaving several injured in Makurdi, Benue State, while they were in the church by unknown gunmen. I am appealing to our federal government to enact the laws that will allow the creation of state police. We are not save again in this country.’ He said:

He also called for the retraining of policemen as way of curbing or reducing their unprofessional conduct on duty and extra-judicial killing of citizens.

He further explained ‘’Our police officers need to go for retraining. Our police colleges must be restructured. It seems there is a huge hole between the training from the colleges and the real life situation. In Nigeria today, if you make a mistake instead of our police to correct you, they will always want to take advantage of your error and will want to extort you. The way our police do go about extra judicial killings these days is becoming totally unacceptable.

‘’ Also, the way our brothers and sisters are being killed in Diaspora looks like we do not have recognition in the international scene or we do not have external affairs ministry. Our leaders must show service to humanity, selflessness, and emulate the way Jesus Christ showed us love. In a situation where citizens are subjected to hunger, poverty, insecurity and all worth not.

He concluded by praying for the country : I pray the reason for the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ will heal our land in Jesus name.’’






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